Talking boots

Hello all!

As promised I am writing a post in English tonight. The idea is, when the topic is relevant for those who live above the Equator, Shakespeare’s language will be elected. However, when it’s  applicable to my Brazilian friends, then you’ll be reading fashion in Luis  Fernando Verissimo’s  mother tongue.

It is summer now in Brazil, so nobody is even thinking of wearing boots, but rather flip-flops by the sea. Whereas here, up north, it is necessary to wear them. So, let’s talk boots!

A friend just recently asked me about wearing boots that are not deep brown or safe black ones – that we usually have pants of the same color to go with. Specifically she asked about how to wear a tall boot in a color that will contrast with the pants or hosiery without looking shorter or visually sliced? I immediately remembered one of my own favorite pairs.

Well, maybe the color is not that hard to match with; however, if you don’t want to look much like a cowgirl, or like me, if your coloring is cool, this warmer brown is not exactly an easy piece. But then again, I still love it. Because the color of clothes I wear tend to look a lot cooler than these boots, I usually prefer to mix them with universal or neutral colors. And, to make my full image consistent, I link my whole look through accessories.

This is when my very sporty – and favorite – bag becomes essential!
photo (1)

So, the difficult aspect is putting it all together. As both pieces are medium brown value, a medium value pair of pants or hosiery would do the trick. My choice was a pair of jeans, a classic white shirt – both cool colors – and a belt that visually links to my boots, then the jeans are no longer an issue and they elongate my leg instead!

The result? As all pieces are linked, you just barely notice the color change and you see the complete look.


So, remember!

1. The boots’ (ok, anything you wear!!) color has to relate to something in your own colors.

2. Link accessories as if you were telling a story.

3. Always, I do mean ALWAYS, honor your style!

And don’t be afraid to try a different mix! If you are in doubt, email me about it, I will love to help you!

I would love to know what fashion puzzle you have. A piece you can’t mix? Something you have and never wear?

Let’s talk about it and maybe my next post will be about exactly what you need!