Sundance Film Festival Fashion!

For as much as we all get inspired by celebrity looks in fancy events, most times it is hard to bring that one-night glamour to our 9 to 5 lives. During a period when lots of award shows dazzle our eyes with dresses, glitter, deep cuts and “impossible-to-wear-in-the-winter outfits” , the Sundance Film Festival brought us some pretty real life fashion that was not only beautiful, but also in most cases, quite affordable.

As we can see in the image below (by WhoWhatWear) the celebrities paraded in warm, yet chic street looks proving once and for all that the cold weather is no excuse for “fashion retirement”. Though I disagree with some choices, especially of colors, in terms of style and attitude these stars nailed it!

Boots, leggings and jeans paired with jackets and coats of all kinds and a lot of black. In fact, in my opinion, too much black. But then again, how to fight black when so many luv it? Kate Bosworth for instance, her outfit is really beautiful, but having such a light face and hair, black shows heavy on her. Dakota Fanning is certainly my favorite! *I’d wear that*  Not only did she prove elegance is possible in light hues and jeans, but also the colors were pretty flattering as they matched her own coloring.

I really liked Jessica Biel’s choice of colors and clothing, however her white boots, though beautiful, were not the right ones for that mix of clothes. You tend to look straight down to them and lose sight of her beauty. *distraction* I would have picked a darker pair that would also have elongated her figure, like Lake Bell did. Oh, and look at that bag! Lake added color to black and by wearing a lighter scarf she avoided shadows to her face. *smart*

I prefer not to comment Mackenzie Davis’ look. *silence* I’ll leave it all up to your critique. As to Rooney Mara, I loved the way she made black secondary by adding a statement coat, I just wish she had accessorized a bit and accentuated her beautiful facial features. *don’t hide your beauty, girl!* Naomi Watts rocked it, but I definitely prefer her choice from the waist up. The dark bottom is just too much for her. *balance* To me Emily Browning and her creativity did a great job. Her look resonates with her spirit, figure and is totally age-appropriate.   *bingo*

And you, what do you think about these looks? Any you would never wear or are just dying to try yourself? Let me know!

*WhoWhatWear, I love it, I share it!