Style of the day? LOVE

It is Valentines day!

It is the perfect day to show your love. Buy some red roses and show your traditional love. Get a bottle of champagne in ice and make it an elegant Valentine date. Go jogging together and be sporty with your love. Want more? Be creative and do something unusual, break your love rules, with your Valentine! Add some extra romance to your day by wearing some hidden lace. *wink* Don’t forget your red lipstick to add some drama to your evening. And if you, like me, leans a little towards an alluring style, jump straight into your heels and spread the mood now!

However, no matter what your style is, make Valentine’s day memorable. What you do, and how you do it are part of your personal image and should reflect the real you. That is true both if you have a sweet Valentine, or if you are looking to have one!

And you, how are you styling your Valentine’s Day?