Spring, at last!

After months of freezing weather; we begin to see – feel – some weather improvement. If trees have not yet revealed nature’s spring colors, the shop windows are full of them! And, it’s not only the emerald green that is filling the streets with joy! All 2013 spring colors are happy, vibrant and are around to get us all ready for summer! Yeah, I cannot wait for summer!



The colors are in clothes, shoes, nails and make up! It is almost impossible not to wear them!

They are everywhere you look. Women and men will have a blast with color this spring.

nail polish

Look at Impala’s nail polish collection! I have got them and have had fun matching nails and clothes this season. If you are not in the mood (or budget) to go shopping for clothes, add color to your hands and you will be oh-so trendy.


Joe Fresh has brought a great rainbow of pants to choose your favorite from. A simple top and a nice bag are all these jeans ask for. No need to accessorize that much when you have so much color on you already.

NARS Spring 2013 Color Collection

Now, if your passion s for makeup, this is the time to dare! Bold colors, daring styles and a collection you will sure need to be objective to choose one only. If you are a creative person, these are your handy tools!

dress Yellow is a great color. It is rich, happy, protects against depression and lethargy. It’s the perfect color for when the sun does not come out!  You can shine and make people feel energetic, like you!




For men I suggest a subtle play with colors. I understand it may not be an easy thing for you. If you ate not used to wearing colors, do not worry,  start small. Maybe it will be just a small detail in an accessory – yes, men also wear accessories!  As you begin to feel confident and the spring feeling has picked up, invest in larger pieces, maybe a shirt!


Now, if you, like me, and most women, crave for shoes… Enjoy this season! It’s when you can wear the most beautiful and comfortable shoes of all year!


Truth is, no matter what your choice of color is, spice up your wardrobe (and life!)  with them.