Highlights in NYC – Not an easy find

For starters, I must say that I am shy! Yes, though it may sound irony I am sooo camera-shy! Better yet, when I promote my work I like to talk about the wonders I have seen happen to my clients and how much I love what I do. I really am not into showing myself as to examples simply because Image Consulting isn’t about the consultant, but the CLIENT! Therefore, speaking about me is not the right thing to do in my opinion. skirt brunete However, there are times you have to stand for them and be the guinea pig yourself, aren’t there? After being in NYC for over a year I had to quit being a blond and return to my natural light brown hair; not because I wanted, quite the contrary. I was kind of forced to do so as my hair is not easy to get to the right color and I could not find a professional that would make it blond and not rusty blond. After a few disappointments, I started solving my problem myself, and that is how I was back to my natural color, as you can see on the left. Honestly, I wasn’t unhappy about that look. It was easy, my hair look healthy and it was so much easier to pull color to wear everyday! Being a lot into color, that sure made a difference and delayed my return to the Gisele+Bundchen “sunburned” hair style look. You might not know, but not all Brazilian women have natural blonde hair. Most of us rely on very well trained, therefore expensive, hairstylists to get that look. You can add the übber model Gilese Bündchen to this list! She has dark ash blond hair, and if it weren’t for colorists’ expertise she would not have the beautiful hair women refer to at beauty parlors around the world.  On the left, her natural hair! As an image consultant, I should have professionals to refer to my clients when necessary. But then, being new to NYC I had to go hunt someone I would not worry when sending someone to sit on the chair. So, I went on a quest for the right professional! The 3 first ones are not worth mentioning here. yeah, that bad! So bad I did a better job getting brunette myself. After asking a few people who they would suggest and filtering the choices by location, structure and spoken language I got to Carlos Lobo Salon expecting to have a hard time and not to trust my hair to anyone. To my surprise I was very welcomed by the salon owner and colorist, Patricia Spuri, who not only took the time to speak to me as a possible spokesperson but mainly as a client who was lost and needed attention. photo (3) I said yes to  her offer, and set an appointment that turned out to be a great surprise. She got me back to being the blond that so many people say I should have been born as, became a dear friend and is not a new partner in my image business. I have found some one who understands what blond hair has to look like, a place that is welcoming and professional at the same time and above all, someone I can tell my clients to go to without fear! She will get your hair right! You don’t believe me? Look above what I looked like on Saturday  when I entered the salon, and on the left what I look like today. By the way, I will have to be a bit more thoughtful when choosing the colors to wear now. Want to change your hair color? Now you can ask me where! by lici6.png