A great find! How do you know it?

Often times we do not plan our shopping for clothes or accessories. It simply happens! It is as if great finds simply materialized themselves in front of us just to test our will. I think women have a microscopic chip set to smells sales from miles mainly when the budget is tight. If by any chance your chip is not working well, here goes a little help!

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sale However, if your personal sale flair is working well, you must have already found a great bargain this week. No matter if you have or will, it is always important to know if that is in fact a great find. How do we know that? Simple math! If you, like me, are not good at math, but you are a savvy shopper, you also worry about the damage your indulging in shopping will cause to your budget. Let’s take a  dress for example. Suppose you came across a beautiful yellow dress. It cost U$ 245.00 last summer, and now it is for U$ 45.00 and yellowyou just want to jump and get it!

Let’s go over your life:

1. You are a nurse and you spend most of your day at the hospital wearing a uniform.

2. You go to gym straight after work 3 days a week and study Italian on the other 2 evenings.

3. You are single.

4. You go clubbing with your girlfriends every Saturday.

5. You have had a style and color  analysis and understand yellow is a good color for your skin, lace goes well with your style and delicate hair and face lines, the neckline flatters your face and the skirt length is perfect for your body shape. *Lucky girl!*

Now that you know all that the question is; how much would you pay to wear this dress one only time. U$ 15.00?  U$ 10.00? U$ 5.00? Think of an amount that is reasonable; do not let passion win over reason!

Ok, U$ 10.00! How many days a week will you wear it? How many days per month? Per year? Can you wear it next year again? Is the lace good quality and will it last? So you end up realizing you can wear this dress 4 times this year and maybe 4 more next year (say one time every warm weather month). The price divided by 8 is U$ 5.60 and you had set the minimum at U$10.00?!?! That dress is yours girl! Go for it!!

But remember, be true to your image consulting analysis. A bargain is only a good bargain when it will flatter your body, face, coloring and bank account!

Be a savvy sale finder!



* Immaginary client!