Elopement at Central Park

Getting married at Central Park is not for shy people and unlike what many can imagine, requires a lot of preparation and imagination. By preparation I don’t really mean planning, I mean being prepared for the unimaginable, for last minute change in plans and most of all, having guests you have never seen before!

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When planning an outdoor wedding you have to think of many different aspects, but mainly, you have to think of ways to protect the bride, groom and guests in case it rains. When it is a big outdoor wedding you most certainly will want to rent a venue and make sure your wedding planner checks a long list of items you cannot mess up with. However, when you decide to have your elopement in a very private, small, almost secret outdoor ceremony not only will you not need a permit, but reserving the location is not a possibility either. All you can do is choose one of the gorgeous iconic landscapes on the park, have someone arrive earlier – may even be the officiant or the groom himself – and voi la, you have got yourself a wedding! Just be mindful that major events, like a previously planned orchestra and fireworks show, may be on your way and a change in plans might happen. But then, the park is large enough for you to go from Wagner Cove to a small nameless kiosk and still have a pretty ceremony with flowers, trees and even boats in the background.

 But I am not a wedding planner, I am an image consultant who had a hard time thinking of ways to meet all my own requirements for my last minute ceremony to be romantic, casual, yet an elegant private wedding among the nature, hundreds of tourists and a 50% chance of rain. Things I now know that might help you? There goes my (not so short) tip list!

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Go to the park, check places you like and study the path to get there. On your day you won’t be wandering around not knowing where to go, you have to know where it is and you cannot have surprises on the way.

  • Remember that although it is your wedding, it is the central park. If you wanted a formal wedding you would have chosen a Church, a fancy place or even secured a venue for that. Once you have chosen a park, keep that vibe in mind, a long gown will only make your life hard! You want to be free to enjoy the park and also somehow mingle with the nature in spirit and image. A lettuce-cotton-candy like dress is not your best choice.A park is a place where people ride bikes, go jogging and are enjoying their free time, choose a place where the likelihood of being hit by a ball or passerby is minimum.
  • Again, remember, it is your wedding day! So, be mindful of the colors you pick, you don’t want to look like a prom girl or call attention for the wrong reason. If you choose to avoid white, go with a light, soft color. Off-white, beige, cream are delicate colors that still give you a romantic feel.for blog
  • The groom also has to go with the mood you have picked for your elopement. A formal dark suit is not necessary for your park event. Think of it as an elegant garden party. Dress well, but leave the black polished shoes for your fancy restaurant dinner later that day.
  • Add some fun and original item to the groom’s outfit, something he does not usually wear. My (now) husband chose to wear a pocket square, dress pants and a separate blazer. Though it is a fashionable item nowadays, it was pretty fashion forward to him.
  • The bouquet? You will be at a place where nature has worked little to be Lici_Stefan_Wedding_0039 perfect, go with that! Make your own! Grab flowers on your way or if you are lucky – like I was – have your fiance make one that you will want to keep forever!
  • You are getting married at Central Park, high heels might be dangerous if you, unlike me, do not consider them leg extensions. Be safe! You don’t want to end up limping on your big day! Have a cute pair of flats available for walking around when having your pictures taken.



And last, but not least…

Be prepared for performers, artists in general, song players and unexpected guests! While you are at a public place your wedding is a public event! Interact with them! Smile! Take pictures with the crowd and yes, think that when it is you getting married at Central Park nothing is tacky!




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